The Treatment You Deserve is a Phone Call Away

After many years of providing top of the line, high end addiction treatment to the elite, Cliffside Malibu has opened an affordable, six-bed facility named Cliffside Malibu II. We saw a vital need to provide a treatment center for those who still wanted comfort and luxury, but at an affordable price. There are a limited number of beds available, so please call and speak to a professional now to find out how we can help get you on the path to sobriety.
Our mission at Cliffside Malibu II is to provide clients who suffer from alcohol and drug dependence a life changing opportunity to create a solid, long term foundation where they can live a life free of any addiction to alcohol or drugs. This understatedly elegant facility residing on Busch Drive in Malibu is conducive to healing and recovery and is the perfect place to practice self care and emotional regulation necessary to achieve the life you were always meant to live before being derailed by drugs and alcohol.